Chinese Work Permit

DH is stuck in a loop and hasn’t gotten his work permit yet, which impacts other things such as his payroll.

As part of prep for the move he first sent a copy of his grad school transcript. It was notarized by the school, and authenticated by Minnesota’s Secretary of State. That wasn’t good enough, so he pulled his diploma out of its lovely frame, and begrudgingly sent that to Baker McKenzie (the law firm dealing with paper work, and other aspects of the move).  He didn’t want to send his original diploma, but it arrived back at our house, via FedEx. We thought that issue was closed.

Nope! Now that he is in China they want to see the diploma. The problem:

The diploma has been packed up with the rest of his personal belongings, and is still in the US.

It is still in the US because it can’t be released until he has his work permit.

Which he can’t get until he receives the diploma from the moving crate.  This feels like an odd game of international “chicken.” Who is going to blink first?

Well…I guess this confirms what all experienced travelers tell you: keep your most important belongings with you.

I don’t know where the moving crate is, but I assume they could crack it open, pull out the diploma, and send that to China.

Hopefully this gets resolved soon. Has anyone else encountered this issue during a move abroad?