Final Countdown

It has been over 7 months since DH first told me that he wanted to take an expat assignment in Shanghai.

Now it is about one month before my move. He moved over in January.

I gave my employer 8 weeks notice, even though I knew they wouldn’t replace me.  8 weeks was probably too long. I am now in my last 2.5 weeks. I am starting to feel like a stale donut. It is probably time for me to go, but no one has “thrown” me away yet. Perhaps there are still a few tidbits that they can pull from me.

After I am done with work on June 15th I will taking a one-week road trip to Montana with my dad. And then I will have 3-4 days at home to finish up last ends, and spend quality time with my pets as they are all staying in Minnesota with Andy.

Am I ready? Not really, but it is time for me to jump in (the deep end). I am confident I have built a really good life preserver over these last 6-7 months.

And I will be back home in August.


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