Shanghai transportation hierarchy

Pedestrians do NOT have the right of way. Culture shock! I haven’t seen this anywhere else I’ve traveled.

It is very inexpensive to ride the metro. And even cheaper to rent a bike. Bikes are available throughout the city. I tried the bike rental for the first time today.

And in the process of riding a bike 4 miles, I learned the hierarchy.

Pedestrians are indeed on the bottom.

As a bike rider I felt elevated out on the street. The scooters and cars are above a bike. But it seems like the scooters were much more tolerant of me on a bike than they are when I am walking.

I quickly became a fan of the cheap and easy bike rentals. It wasn’t as fast as riding the metro, but I got some great exercise today.

So I rewarded myself with a trip to a bakery. There are many fantastic French bakeries in Shanghai. I will continue to use a bike to explore Shanghai and visit bakeries.

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