How did this happen?

I am moving to Shanghai, China. How? Why?

I have long dreamed of living, at least part time, in Paris, France. But I never actually believed I would leave the US to live anywhere else; much less a country I have never visited before – China.

DH works for 3M and has traveled to China (Korea and other places) many times over the years. I met him in Singapore once, but was never excited about visiting China.

He started looking, within 3M, for a different job, and this 2-year assignment basically fell in his lap. I’ve known for years that he wanted an overseas assignment, but those were getting more and more rare. It costs a company a great deal of money to transfer an employee from the US to another country.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime.

I know that, but it took me several months to get on board with moving to Shanghai. And, I am still not sure I am really there yet; but more to come on that.  I leave Friday for a short visit.

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